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Ch. Prairie's You Are My Sunshine 

Sunshine is our newest and youngest ever Champion from our Dazzle x Emanuel litter, whelped 9/29/02.  She is a HAPPY Gal and wagged her way to her Championship status!  She began her career in the show ring jumping over the tape on the mats and kissing the judge.  Her first shows (in Spring of 2003) she was awarded Reserve Winner's over Open (Adult) Gals.  Her first points awarded were her two majors in the fall of 2003 at just over one year of age.  In Spring of 2004 she went almost unbeaten and was recognized as "Best of Breed" in multiple shows and was awarded her Championship at 17 months of age with her third major win and Best of Breed!   Sunshine was awarded her Championship Points ALL out of Bred by Exhibitor Class. 

Sunshine was invited to the Eukanuba National Championship in January 2005 in Tampa!!!                               

 $150 for a "Pedicure and Dental," 2,645 roundtrip driving miles Inola to Tampa,.... being invited to compete in the Eukanuba 2005 National Championship...PRICELESS!   See Sunshine's video here!  

Sunshine has shown as a special in Spring of 2005 and has multiple Best of Breed wins.  She is OFA Excellent, CERF Clear.

As a puppy, Sunshine learned the most important things......Couch Cuddling, playing catch the tennis ball, pointing and chasing quail, and kissing the instructor in puppy kindergarten. 

SSCDLFace.jpg (77794 bytes) SunshineXmas.jpg (93187 bytes)
Sunshine's convincing look! Sunshine celebrates her first Christmas
PuppyObd.jpg (26611 bytes) sunshinepupface.jpg (48333 bytes)
Puppy Kindergarten Graduation Cuddling in action
SunshineFace.jpg (78429 bytes) 3F111602F.jpg (128264 bytes)
Sunshine at 9 months of age! Sunshine at 7 weeks of age!

Sunshine is indeed my "Sunny Shine!"  

We are excited about her potential!  

Our Guarantee

Our dogs and puppies are unconditional guaranteed against genetic defects, as well as a general health guarantee.  

We reserve the right not to sell any pup or dog to anyone at anytime.