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"Terra - Our Foundation Gal" 

05-15-03 to 6-18-08    She is sadly missed........

Terra, Ch. Tuwpe1EB.jpg (13650 bytes)ckoma’s Prairie Vixen, came to our home in 1993,  and was the beginning and foundation of “Prairie’s GSP’s.”  She indeed was a little “vixen” as a pup, and would not only prove to be competitive in the conformation ring, but a stellar hunting companion. 

Her lineage is representative of some of the great dogs from times past, both of American and German breeding.  She is living proof that a strong breeding program that focuses on conformation, instincts, and natural ability will indeed produce a versatile GSP that will be an intense hunter, a devoted companion, and adhere to the breed standard. 


Terra is Prairie’s foundation gal, and has crossed over the rainbow bridge.    You may wish to take a moment to meet her kids..“Hunter” i.e. Am/Can Chwpe213.jpg (16701 bytes). Prairie’s Gentleman Hunter,  “Spirit” i.e. Ch. Prairie’s Pure Spirit, “Dazzle”, i.e. Prairie’s Razzle Dazzle,  “Kismet”, i.e. Prairie’s Classic Kismet, and "Dexter", i.e. Tuckoma Prairie Drk N Dapper.    Her grandchildren and great grandchildren will carry on her legacy.

 Prairie’s GSP’s will continue to maintain our focus on the breed standard, producing dogs that are conformationally correct and possess strong instincts and natural ability.   

     Our Guarantee

Our dogs and puppies are unconditional guaranteed against genetic defects, as well as a general health guarantee.  

                            We reserve the right not to sell any pup or dog to anyone at anytime.