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Spirit, i.e. Ch. Prairie's Pure Spirit, JH has been bred, pups due 8/20/05! 

Spirit is a proven producer whose offspring has proven our goals of producing conformationally correct dogs that possess intense hunting instincts and natural ability.   Her pups have proven to be biddable, loyal, and affectionate companions and have been described as "Loveable Family Companions," "Hunting Machines," and "Highly Intelligent" dogs that have hunted for their family as early as 6 months of age and competed in both hunting and conformation events as early as 6 months of age as well!  Her pups have earned Junior Hunting titles at 6 months of age and Prized in Navhda Natural Ability tests at 6 months of age, Prize III, and Prize II at 7 months of age.  In addition, her pups are nationally ranked in Obedience and Agility, and also are Certified Therapy Dogs.  We will gladly supply Puppy References to you!!!!   This will be Spirit's last litter.

Spirit  is sired out of Dual Champion Minado's Roman Adventure, MH and her dam is my Terra girl featured on my "foundation" page, Ch. Tuckoma's Prairie Vixen.  Terra's  Sire is "Trekker", i.e. Dual Ch/AFC Trekker V. Grunbaum, UDX, TDX, MH, MX, AXJ   the highest titled dog ever in GSP history.  He is a Dual Field and Conformation Champion, American Field Champion, Utility Dog Excellent, Tracking Dog Excellent, Master Hunter, Master Agility Excellent, and Agility Excellent Jumper.  Spiiit's Great Grandfather is Hustler, i.e. Dual Champion Hillhaven's Hustler, all time top producer of Dual champions in GSP history.    Spirit's other Great Grandfather is  "Zobel"   Zobel was a German import and better known as , Int. World Ch. & K.S. Zobel vom Pregelufer.  He was the Sire of: 38 Show Champions (U.S.) #8 All-Time Top Producing Show Sire, #6  All-Time Top Producing Hunting Sire,  #10  All-Time Top Producing Obedience Sire, and 1989-90 GSPCA Show Dog Sire of the Year .  Zobel is sired out of Ciro, i.e. WS CIRO V. BICHTEWALDOne of the all-time top-producing sires in Germany.

The Planned Sire for Spirit's last litter is "Graf"

Graf KS vom Borsumer Hof DKV and JGHV
D2, D1, S1, IKP2, VGP1, BTR, VBR, HD0, HN, Fw:V


Graf KS vom Borsumer Hof

Graf, a proven sire from the Uphauser Kolk blood line, excels in the field and has exceptional tracking abilities which he passes on to many of his get.  We have previously bred to the Borsumer Hof line with Spirit's spring 2003 litter.  Those pups are bold, correct, and very typy to the standard.  They are major pointed in the show ring, and have JH titles, and qualifying legs on their Master Hunter titles. 

Graf is a "KS" dog in the German system, which is the highest attainable title,  it surpasses the qualifications of a Dual Champion in the AKC system.  Below is a brief summary of some of the titles.

Graf KS vom Borsumer Hof
M: Dixi vom Borsumer Hof
V: Quantus vom Uphuser Kolk

Test Results
D2, D1, S1, IKP2, VGP1, BTR, VBR, HD0, HN, Fw:V

The title of the short hair winner (KS) is lent as the highest honor on the part of the German short hair federation at the Rueden and dogs, which existed the Dr. Kleemann breed selection examination. 


Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy from this breeding.   We are currently accepting deposits.

Due to the number of viruses that plague the internet and emails, PLEASE indicate "GSP Pup Inquiry" or similar verbiage in the subject line.       

DKV German Title Summary

D1 or Derby Prize 1

This is the test for puppies born after the first of October of the year before last. It is basically a natural ability test and is held only in the spring.     Derbies are field trials for youngsters approxiamately 12 months of age.  They are designed to test "search" (hunting ability) and "nose" (scenting ability) plus enthusiasm and style.  Steadiness, whilst desirable, is not essential at this stage.  You will see a "D" followed by a number. This stands for Prize 1,2 or 3 which is what is awarded based on the pup's performance if he passes the test. A pup may enter more than one Derby and each result will be recorded on the pedigree.)

AZP1 or Solms (AZP) Prize 1, 

S =Solms Held in the autumn of the same year as the Derby, this test is the next level up from the Derby. A number indicating that the dog was awarded a Prize 1,2, or 3 will follow the "S". The Solms may be entered more than once, and each result will be recorded on the pedigree.

AZP = Alterszuchtprufung
This is the "Older Dog Breeding Test" and is basically a trial for dogs that for some reason were unable to be tested in a Solms test. The rules are the same as for the Solms, but a higher level of performance is expected in consideration of the dog's age. These dogs should not be over 6 years old.
  In order to be eligible to participate in the Dr. Kleeman Trial, a dog must have been awarded prizes in Derby and Solms Tests, or in the AZP.)

 VBR = Verlorenbringen

Recovery of game. Requires trailing and retrieving a hare over a distance of about 300 meters. while the trail is still warm but the dog has not seen the game.

BTR . = Bringtreueprufung
The retrieving reliability test. This requires finding a fox placed in undergrowth at least 3 hours previous to the test. The dog is released at least 150 yds. from the fox and must search with no help from the handler.


Sehr Gut SG = Very Good in Zuchtschaus (breed show)  held to evaluate the conformation of the dogs according to the DKV breed standard.


V = Excellent  in Zuchtschaus (breed show)  held to evaluate the conformation of the dogs according to the DKV breed standard.






Our Guarantee

Our dogs and puppies are unconditional guaranteed against genetic defects, as well as a general health guarantee.