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Pups were born May 18th, 2011.  Twinks is the proud mom of 8 pups, 3 liver females, one liver male, 4 ticked males. 

Pups pictured below are 31 days of age.  click on their individual pictures to make each view bigger!

this is why we take 272 pictures to post the 8 puppy pics with various  poses


 See our Planned Breeding Page for more information on the lineage and details on this breeding. 

Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy from our 2011 planned breeding.  


Please fill out the Puppy Inquiry form (hyperlink above) if you have interest in them.  


click on each picture for a bigger view of the pups :0)

Female Liver Pup #1
Female Liver Pup #2
ticked male

pup #3


liver male

Pup #4


pup #5 ticked male
liver female pup #6

ticked male pup #7

ticked male pup #8

See the pups here at 25 days of age by following this hyperlink




























Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy. We are accepting deposits on this litter.


Our Guarantee

Our dogs and puppies are unconditional guaranteed against genetic defects, as well as a general health guarantee.  



We reserve the right not to sell any pup or dog to anyone at anytime.