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$0Twinkle has produced our Spring/Summer 2011 litter.  See our adults available page for more information on the German Shorthair Pointer dogs for sale!  We have two started females available at this time.

Adults Available were born on  May 18, 2011.  WOOF!!!






Prairie GSP�s is dedicated to the preservation of the versatile German Shorthair Pointer focusing on producing dogs with a sound temperament that are  conformationally correct and possess intense hunting instincts and natural ability.   Our dogs are biddable, loyal, and affectionate companions whose intelligence and obedient nature makes them a pleasurable addition to your family.wpe20D.jpg (15051 bytes)  Our efforts to maintain a Versatile GSP has resulted in us being recognized by AKC as a "Breeder of Merit"

The focus of  our foundation dogs and our breeding program has not been "line breeding" or the latest "fad" based on who's winning, but to concentrate our breeding efforts to better the breed and enhance the strengths and versatility of our GSP's.   Our breeding program incorporates  bloodlines from both American and German origin that allow our dogs to successfully compete in field events, obedience, agility,  and conformation shows, but  most importantly to be a member of your family and your hunting companion.  Our dogs are not �Show Dogs� nor are they �Field Trial Dogs.�      

They are "Versatile GSP's!"





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Our dogs have proven their "Versatile" abilities by the accomplishments many of our novice GSP owner's have enjoyed:  Navhda Natural Ability Prize I, II and III at 6 months of age, Junior Hunter titles with pups less than 1 year of age, Master Hunter titles less than 2 years of age, Conformation Champions, Companion Dog Obedience titles, Companion Dog Excellent Obedience titles, Certified Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen Award, Agility Jumper to mention a few.   Our dogs are medium range hunters that are equally talented at hunting upland game or waterfowl.   Our dogs have great scenting abilities, coupled with classic appearance, stamina, and style with strong desire to hunt and return the bird to hand.


Our GSP�s versatile hunting characteristics in no way interferes with his loyalty and companionship around the home.  Their affectionate and playful nature makes for an excellent companion for the kids, (or kids at heart).  

They are also loved and spoiled rotten by their owners! Fleece Warm Up's for the winter chill!!


If you want to own a good looking, practical, and versatile utility dog that is capable of excellence in all hunting situations and conditions, as well as a personal and family companion, please consider our breeding program, puppies, and stud dogs that we have available.  We have German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies for sale typically once or twice in a year.  You can review our Planned Breeding Page or complete a Puppy inquiry form if you would like to own a Prairie GSP Pup.  Of course, we would be happy to supply references of  Prairie's GSP Owners.  Our dog�s colors range from ticked, ticked/patched, liver, to liver roan.   Please take a moment to view Prairie�s Guys and Gals. 


Our Guarantee

Our dogs and puppies are unconditional guaranteed against genetic defects, as well as a general health guarantee.

We also guarantee they will pose for the camera!!

Santa Lucky and Halley (Hunter's daugher) 

naughty Santa Lucky!

chase those snowflakes!



Sunnyshine at a year of age.

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From Left to Right, Hunter, Terra, and Dexter



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